ENTERTRAVEL, in association with ALTOUR Entertainment and American Express Travel, is one of the world's leading luxury travel management companies with nearly a decade of unrivalled expertise in the entertainment, lifestyle, VIP, production, and event travel space.

Planning all the travel for Hollywood talent, big-budget movie productions, renowned events, press junkets, and touring entertainment groups isn’t just about the mechanics of putting together intricate itineraries—it’s about having the know-how, the contacts, the drive, the resources, and the right travel agency team.

We specialize in customized service and is at the pinnacle of the travel industry.

This level of expertise and trustworthiness has been built over the last decade by bringing together an extensive network, top luxury travel resources, industry technology, and a dedicated team.

We have established our reputation with prestigious brands in the airline, hotel, hospitality, destination management, and logistics companies - ensuring the results for our clients are exceptional and seamless.

Whether it’s for a VIP client going on a discreet vacation or for a large movie production, we’re known as Hollywood’s “go-to-travel agency”.


ENTERTRAVEL is the product of a unique collaboration between two Hollywood entertainment, VIP, and production travel powerhouses: James Densmore and Chas Dabby. Between Densmore’s acute familiarity with Hollywood, event, and exclusive travel and Dabby’s detailed knowledge of production and music tour travel, the two create a balanced synergy unlike any other.

Densmore and Dabby guide their dynamic team of dedicated travel experts with the understanding that managing complex itineraries isn’t just about navigating tight schedules and providing around-the-clock support. By knowing the right people, having access to the right resources, and being backed by the right team of experts, ENTERTRAVEL is able to ensure an exceptional, seamless, discrete, and budget-sensitive experience every step of the way.

In association with ALTOUR Entertainment and American Express Travel, our expertise and credibility has carried us into preferred partnership with many of the world’s top brands in the airline, hospitality, destination management, and logistics industries. It is this extensive network of top luxury resources, dedicated travel experts, and cutting-edge technology that has placed, and kept us, at the height of the industry since 2010.

Travel Industry Leaders

Our dedicated and passionate team of travel experts are an immense collective from various backgrounds and concentrations, and among the industry’s most qualified to customize services, programs, and budgets for airline carriers and seats, accommodations, destinations, and more to your individual parameters – with 24/7 availability to boot.

Given our fine-tuned expertise and proven track record for success, the travel industry looks to us to test innovative products pre-market such as aircrafts and accomodations, entertain and study travel trends, lead focus groups, and speak on advisory panels about the products we’ve experienced first-hand, contributing to the evolving industry on a global scale.

Recognized as one of the world's leading luxury travel management companies for providing highly customized services and personal experiences to some of the industry's most demanding entertainment, production, celebrity and VIP, DJ and music tour, and event travel clientele, and the top choice for much of Hollywood, ENTERTRAVEL sets the bar for luxury travel – from an A-list celebrity’s discreet island getaway to a full cast and crew summer blockbuster production.

Our founders

James Densmore

Entrepreneurship started at a young age for James Densmore when he was tasked with tending to his parent's garden at 10 years old, setting up what would be a lifelong journey in self-initiation, focus, ambition, growth, and learning.

For two decades now, Densmore has played an integral role in the travel, transportation, and hospitality industry, answering the call of Hollywood’s most elite travel demands. As co-founder and managing partner of ENTERTRAVEL, he is the primary facilitator and negotiator of its first-rate joint-business partnership with ALTOUR Entertainment/ALTOUR International, which has become a global leader in the travel arena with annual revenue of USD 4 billion.

In association with ALTOUR International and American Express Travel, ENTERTRAVEL specializes in providing exceptional highly-customized travel services and personal experiences to an impressive clientele list including many of the top entertainment, VIP, and production industries movie and television production and studio companies, lifestyle companies, and music industry artists and moguls.

Through his comprehensive understanding of global and cultural customs and progressive business strategies, Densmore works directly with recruiting, onboarding, training, and mentoring a top-performing team of account managers. Through his innovative leadership style and implementation of strong participative leadership combined with an empathetic cultural environment, Densmore leads his team through multiple and complex sales at a sustainable and organic annual growth rate of 15-18%.

Densmore recently completed the Executive MBA Program at Oxford University and continues to be a key industry advisor on numerous industry advisory boards including Air France, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Bulgari Hotels and Resorts, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Rosewood Hotels, and The Private Suite.

Our founders

Chas Dabby

Chas Dabby was introduced to the travel industry at a young age through the work of his father, a successful and well-respected travel and tourism trailblazer who instilled in him an intense work-ethic and taught him to prioritize his client’s needs and requests above all else.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, Dabby is no stranger to understanding and managing the demands of Hollywood’s most elite. It is with this understanding, passion for the work, and his dedicated and disciplined work ethic that has awarded him the reputation as a one-stop-shop for entertainment, VIP, and production travel needs.

Dabby thrives under the intense pressure and endless hours required to solving the logistical puzzles oftentimes present when dealing with large-scale productions on the move. Knowing how to navigate tight ticketing deadlines, flight pattern routes and schedules, and the ability to prioritize and execute the inevitable last-minute changes the industry is known for is something Dabby and his team excel at on a daily basis.

After graduating from UCSB, and years of enhancing his skill set within the travel arena, Dabby co-founded ENTERTRAVEL in association with ALTOUR Entertainment and American Express Travel. Dabby’s expertise and insightful reviews of new products in the industry is often something key travel partners seek out, as he is highly valued with his evaluations and feedback on all of the latest travel trends. He also actively contributes as a principal advisor for various airline and hotel partners including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Turkish Airlines, LAN, Four Seasons, Hyatt Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, The Dorchester Collection, and Viceroy.

His fearless dedication and innate intuition fuel his dynamic leadership of a well-versed team of travel experts in the direction of greater success and credibility. With Dabby at the helm, the team moves forward as a seamless unit, something imperative when leveraging their expertise in film and TV production, music and DJ touring, VIPs, and professional athletes as they look to travel and film around the globe.