ENTERTRAVEL, in association with ALTOUR Entertainment and American Express Travel, is one of the world's leading luxury travel management companies with nearly a decade of unrivalled expertise in providing exceptional highly-customized services and personal experiences in the entertainment, VIP, production, event, and lifestyle travel space.



Our experienced team of dedicated travel experts, cutting-edge resources and technology, and critical global partnerships with many of the world’s leading domestic and international airline carriers, top hospitality establishments, hand-picked private ground transportation vendors, and elite private airline charter entities provide us billion-dollar leverage, buying power, and access to exclusive rates and added values across the board.


In proud preferred partnership with many of the world’s top hospitality establishments, ENTERTRAVEL has nearly a decade of experience negotiating the lowest possible preferred, contracted, and block hotel rates and programs with the greatest possible added values. We communicate directly with the properties’ dedicated Entertainment Sales Managers to accommodate crews, top talent, and special requests because we understand what a difference early check-ins/late check-outs, crew vehicle parking, gear and equipment storage, private entrances, additional security, and around-the-clock food service can make.


We understand much of what our clients do must stay on budget, and as preferred partners of many of the world’s top industry partners in the airline, hospitality, destination management, and logistics industries, we're able to do just that without sacrificing a thing. These relationships, and our billion-dollar leverage, grant us (and you) insider access to an extensive back-end network of preferred and contracted hotel rates, custom airline business agreements, complimentary upgrades (upon availability), added amenities such as a spa credit (varies), and additional services such as priority concierge assistance. We routinely finalize budgets with top executives before getting started, offer media tax incentive and travel insurance assistance, and provide direct access to a 24/7 emergency assistance hotline (will incur a nominal fee), so we really do have you covered from start to finish.


Even when managed by one the world’s leading luxury travel management companies, the nature of travel is that it’s ever-changing. Fortunately we’ve prioritized this from the start and have spent the last decade maintaining custom airline business agreements and contracts with many of the world’s leading commercial domestic and international airline carriers, granting us (and you) back-door access to even quicker fixes. Our dedicated team of travel experts understand time-sensitivity and prioritize any last-minute crew name changes, schedule adjustments for top talent, etc. you may need. We also step in when other wild cards like weather, delays, and mechanical issues arise to quickly re-route and/or reschedule individuals and full groups through our emergency assistance hotline available 24-hours a day 365-days a year (will incur a nominal fee).


Transporting the sensitive and/or bulky equipment, baggage, and supplies critical to producing and performing requires a travel management company with fine-tuned expertise and a proven track record for success. Our dedicated team of travel experts pay close attention and take added precautions to ensure everything needed for a smooth production arrives safely and on-time. We also work directly with our preferred industry partners in the sky and on the ground, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring an efficient and seamless equipment transportation experience at the greatest value for hundreds of highly-acclaimed film and television productions and DJ and music tours around the globe.


"In dedicated preferred partnership with many of the world’s leading commercial domestic and international airline carriers, ENTERTRAVEL proudly recommends and provides seamless airline travel at the best possible value, from coast to coast lie-flat business seating to Transatlantic first-class suites. Our custom airline business agreements and contracts grant us (and you) access to negotiated preferred, discounted, and block seating rates, complimentary upgrades (upon availability), added values such as possible unlocked ticket availability (varies), additional services such as unblocking preferred seating (varies), exclusive privileges such as private access for VIPs, and back-end business programs to provide the most informed recommendations of itineraries, schedules, carriers, and seat selection in the industry.


In addition to our custom airline business agreements and contracts with many of the world’s leading commercial airline carriers, ENTERTRAVEL works in proud partnership with many of the world’s most elite private airline charter entities to provide highly-personalized private experiences for some of Hollywood’s biggest names. In cooperation with these top reputable establishments, we are able to provide highly-informed recommendations on aircraft category and capacity, runway and refueling options, and in-flight amenities right down to the furnishings.


  • Domestic and international commercial airline ticketing
  • Exclusive airline agreements with preferred rates, added values, and additional services
  • Flexibility for last minute flight and name changes
  • Unblock preferred seating (based on availability)
  • Private charters
  • Airport meet, greet, and assist services
  • Private ground transportation and rentals including VIP transfers and motorcoaches
  • Media and equipment transportation with exclusive rates for production clients
  • Preferred hotel programs with exclusive rates, added values, and additional services
  • Priority concierge assistance
  • Online hotel booking platform for groups
  • On-site coordinators and staff for events
  • Travel policy assistance and budget-development
  • Advanced detail data reporting and reconciliation
  • Media tax incentive assistance for production clients
  • Travel insurance assistance
  • ALTOUR 24 emergency assistance 24/7 call center (will incur an additional fee)

Why Choose us for your Lifestyle Travel?


We have decades of experience and knowledge when it comes to curating customized travel itineraries for our lifestyle clients. Our network with key hoteliers that we have created over the years expands across the globe. With these partnerships, we can offer our lifestyle clients access to unique opportunities and a chance to experience the world as never before.


ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL works with dedicated Sales Managers at every hotel we book, who know and understand lifestyle clientele. They are well-prepared to meet your unique needs, to enhance your travels along the way. Our team stays ahead of the trends and can always advise on new showcase properties that will best serve your travel preferences.

Rates & Added Values

We will always negotiate the best-discounted rates for you as our client. We also provide value to you, as our client through consistent and exciting ALTOUR amenities. We can ensure that all of the details of your travel, from last-minute, changes to securing specific room types. We also have an Emergency ALTOUR 24-hour phone line available for a nominal fee, as we know your travel needs can change throughout your stay.


We know that weather, mechanical issues, airline problems, etc. can happen at any time. We can quickly help to re-route or reschedule your flight arrangements to make sure the show goes on. We will be sure to fill any available seats on the next best flight option and do everything in our power to make sure the full group gets to where they need to be when they need to be there.


  • Air
  • Hotels
  • Private charter
  • Airport meet and greets
  • Car services
  • Car rentals
  • Unblock preferred seating based upon availability
  • Negotiated large room blocks
  • Reconciliation and Advanced Reporting