Frequently asked

What are your fees?

We do not operate under a standard fee structure. Instead, we tailor our services to fit each client’s unique requests and financial parameters, so every travel policy is different and determined by these variables.

What are your operating hours?
Entertainment Team

Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 7:00PM PST
Weekends and Holidays emails are monitored

VIP Travel Team

Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 7:00PM PST
Weekends and Holidays emails are monitored

Event Travel Team

Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 7:00PM PST
Weekends and Holidays emails are monitored

After-Hours Call Center:

ALTOUR 24 emergency assistance is available on-demand 24/7, 365-days a year for rapid re-accommodation, last-minute flight and name changes, and all other urgent trip interruptions that may arise.Please note:

  • This service should only be used outside of regular office hours
  • All calls to ALTOUR 24 will incur an additional fee
  • When calling use reference code J2XI

Local: +1-310-954-3350
Toll Free: 1-877-617-8329

Do we check in for you?

No. Clients are responsible for checking in for all reservations directly. This includes flights, accommodations, car rentals, excursions, and any other booking they may have.

Why use a travel management company? And why ENTERTRAVEL?

As one of the world's leading luxury travel management companies, ENTERTRAVEL knows the market inside and out and is the most qualified and well-equipped to customize recommendations, services, and pricing to fit your individual parameters; as opposed to any structured packages found online. Our dedicated team of travel experts not only save you time from scouring and comparing a dozen different websites and money by utilizing our extensive network of preferred partnerships, but leave you at ease knowing you're in good hands because everything will be done correctly the first time.

Beyond that, booking with us equips you with an amplified support system including direct access to a 24/7 emergency assistance hotline available 365-days a year for any trip interruptions that may arise (will incur a nominal fee). Our experienced team of support travel experts are standing by to step-in and assist with any unexpected circumstances, so the next time your flight cancels due to weather there will be no waiting in line or on hold, simply place the call to ALTOUR 24 and we’ll take care of the rest.

As industry experts, our knowledge reaches far beyond providing highly-customized and exceptional service and around-the-clock support. Our dedicated and passionate team of travel experts are an immense collective from various backgrounds and concentrations, and the industry’s most qualified to customize recommendations, services, and pricing for airline carriers and seats, accommodations, destinations, and so much more to fit your individual parameters.

In association with ALTOUR Entertainment and American Express Travel, our reputation and credibility as ENTERTRAVEL has carried us into preferred partnership with many of the world’s top industry partners in the airline, hospitality, destination management, and logistics industries granting us (and you) insider access to an extensive back-end network of exclusive pricing, added values, additional services, and exclusive privileges unavailable to the public, including but not limited to:

  • Direct contact with hospitality concierges, airline representatives, and all key vendors
  • Priority concierge assistance and expedited request consideration (varies)
  • Negotiated, preferred, contracted, and block rates and programs for airlines and hotels
  • Exclusive pricing for ground and media equipment transportation
  • Custom domestic and international airline business agreements and programs
  • Added values such as complimentary upgrades for flights and hotels (upon availability)
  • Added services such as unblocking preferred aircraft seating (upon availability)
  • Exclusive privileges such as private access and services for VIPs
  • Media tax incentive assistance for additional savings
  • Insider industry programming and connections to stay ahead of what’s trending
How do you save clients money?

One of the most common misconceptions about travel agencies is that we overcharge, which couldn’t be further from the truth. We understand much of what our clients do must stay on budget which is why we work directly with top executives to determine the client’s financial goals and finalize an appropriate travel policy and corresponding budget before getting started.

Our preferred and contracted hotel rates and programs, custom airline business agreements and programs, and all additional upgrades, amenities (oftentimes a food and beverage and spa credit), and added services far outweigh any difference in cost. With our expertise and foresight, our experienced agents recommend the most cost-effective options with the lowest risk, in case trip interruptions do arise.

And finally, after utilizing our media tax incentive and travel insurance policy assistance, you are already ahead of the game, not to mention all the time you just saved scouring and comparing a dozen different websites.

Do you book rental cars?

Yes. From airport arrival rental pick-ups to secluded leisure destinations, high-profile celebrity limousine transfers to even higher-volume motorcoach cast and crew events, our hand-picked, preferred global vendors carry fleets of all vehicle types to match nearly any preference for your private transfer and rental vehicle needs.

Do you manage high-volume requests?

Yes. We are an integral component of the entertainment and production industries as well as the top choice for much of Hollywood, so our in-house event planning division and dedicated on-site coordinators are often sought after for national event series and film festivals around the globe. Our dedicated team of travel experts is the most well-equipped in the industry for arranging and realizing complex itineraries while navigating tight schedules for high-volume events, coordinating everything from travel and accommodation for top talent, staff, and attendees, to motorcoach transportation and group hotel and airfare blocks.

Do you provide on-site assistance?

Yes. Our event staff members consistently provide the most professional and satisfactory assistance for key on-site support areas in the industry. The number of staff recommended for the event and surrounding dates will be outlined in our final agreement. Staff accommodations must be requested during the hotel contract negotiations. All travel expenses, including accommodation, will be outlined in the final program budget.

Our daily rate applies to ENTERTRAVEL’s event staff only and will be negotiated prior to the contract. Additional hourly staff members (such as directional staff or additional registration support during peak hours) are available and selected and managed by us from our preferred network of locally hired staff. On-site assistance includes but is not limited to:

  • General guest assistance
  • Food and beverage management
  • Room blocking and attrition
  • On-site service contract flexibility
  • Staff registration and hospitality desks
  • Responsibility assignment coordinator for staff and suppliers
  • Supervise and/or attend additional on and/or off-site activities
  • Arrival and departure assistance
  • VIP ground transfer management
Can you manage equipment transportation?

Yes. Transporting the sensitive and/or bulky equipment, baggage, and supplies critical to film and television production requires a travel management company with fine-tuned expertise and a proven track record for success. Our dedicated team of travel experts have nearly a decade of experience working directly with our preferred industry partners in the sky and on the ground, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring a safe, efficient, and seamless equipment transportation experience for the hundreds of highly-acclaimed film and television productions we’ve managed around the globe.